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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: EHDefaultStore
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 12:44:50 GMT

Jon Evans wrote:
> Hi Jorg,
> I've just checked out the ehcache source and confirmed what Unico said 
> in his reply: CacheManager is a singleton, so whichever component starts 
> up first (yours or EHDefaultCache) will configure the cache manager.  
> The second one to start up will just end up using the existing instance, 
> it won't be reconfigured.  I'm sure this will work fine 90% of the time, 
> but I bet it would be hard to track down the reason why it's suddenly 
> ignoring changes you've made in your config file (i.e. it already read 
> the other one).
> This is another reason why I think we need a system-wide ehcache 
> component, which is used by EHDefaultCache and any other instances 
> needed by specific applications...

>> How about making cocoon use an explicit named cache instead of the 
>> default one ?

If we go ahead and do this, then it would make sense to have ehcache.xml 
out in the open instead of buried cocoon jar. Alternatively you could 
add the posibility to configure different ehcache configurations in the 
component config of EHDefaultStore (maybe it allows this already?)


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