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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: JXTemplateGenerator
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 08:00:53 GMT
Le 11 déc. 04, à 00:57, Christopher Oliver a écrit :
> ..."General consensus" has turned out to be incorrect on many 
> occasions.  What I see is that some people, such as Stefano, are 
> looking to build a better templating system while others are 
> contemplating what appears to be pointless refactoring...

If the only goal is for these people to become more comfortable with 
the code by refactoring, and especially if they're creating new tests 
along the way it I'm happy. But I understand the refactoring can seem 
pointless to you as you know this code much better.

>> ...Any 3000-lines java source file *is* scary in my book, detailed 
>> analysis would probably show that you code is indeed well structured, 
>> but looking at it as it is now is scary for many people, myself 
>> included.
> OK, but the size of the source file has no effect on the behavior of 
> the classes it contains. If someone wants to convert inner to external 
> classes it is a trivial and mindless exercise.  In fact, I would 
> hardly call it refactoring...

Point taken, it's more like restructuring (damn, is there a function 
key in IDEA to do this? ;-)

The important thing for me is not really how the code looks though, but 
how the people who are taking charge of it perceive it.

> ...  On the other hand the issues that Stefano raised bring up real 
> problems that are not addressed by JXTG at all (nor any of the 
> suggested alternatives)...

Ok - there's probably more to do, but in the meantime JXTG is an 
important component of Cocoon, so whatever big or small work people do 
to improve it must be encouraged.

> ...It's not personal, Bertrand. If someone does good work or makes a 
> valid point I will give them proper respect. If not, well, I'm not 
> teaching grade school and it's not my job to sugar coat it.

I know, but we're all the grade school student of someone else here, 
depending on which area of expertise you consider. So we have to be 
careful not to break the (sometimes fragile) links which hold this 
great community together.

Thanks for your constructive reply (and for the initial comments about 
JXTG by the way, they will help a lot).


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