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From Glen Ezkovich <>
Subject Re: [RT] since we are at it, more irons in the template fire: Xenon
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 20:06:10 GMT
On Dec 8, 2004, at 11:10 AM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> I think we should call our CTemplates taglibs "lenses" instead.

Call them what you will. It doesn't change the core issue. If "lenses" 
allow you access databases, send emails, invoke business methods, etc. 
you still are inviting JSP/XSP like abuse, albeit, syntacticly not as 
ugly. It is not what you want to use them for, but what they can be 
used for and how they are introduced into the system that lead to 
potential problems.

That said, "lenses" as a name would at least not encourage anyone to 
abuse the system. In that sense, it is superior to "taglib". 
Unfortunately, they would be semantically the same.

So here you have my non-voting +1

Using "taglibs" in the implementation of expression languages makes 
sense until you start with attribute based languages. Using "lenses" in 
the implementation just sounds weird.

And here you have my non-voting -1

And another bit about the issue of needing user defined java backed 
Lenses and views are exactly what I want in order to provide 
reusability and the building of pages from components. These seem to be 
micro and mini templates. What is it that you cannot do with a library 
of jx:macros that causes you to need a full fledged Java object?

Glen Ezkovich -- who has to much time on his hands at the moment.
HardBop Consulting
glen at

A Proverb for Paranoids:
"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to 
worry about answers."
- Thomas Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow

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