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From Tony Collen <>
Subject [FYI] Memory Leaks in Quartz [Fwd: Re: [Springframework-user] Out of memory exception]
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:40:10 GMT

I can't remember exactly, but I think there was someone talking about 
OOME's and memory leaks when using the Quartz Scheduler in Cocoon.  I 
spotted this over on spring-user today, which might give some insight. 
  Wasn't sure if it was known about memory leaks in Quartz.

Not that we're using Spring for anything (yet ;) ;)), but it's 
informative nonetheless.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: [Springframework-user] Out of memory exception
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 11:31:09 +0100

Juergen Hoeller wrote:

This can have all sorts of reasons. Spring itself avoids memory leaks 
wherever it can, but it can't do much about third-party libraries 
leaking. Known problems are, for example, Hibernate's use of CGLIB, 
Quartz' use of the JavaBeans Introspector, and some internal use of a 
ThreadLocal in DOM4J (if I recall correctly).

To clean up after third-party libraries that use the JavaBeans 
Introspector, Spring provides the IntrospectorCleanupListener in the 
web.util package (to be registered as listener in web.xml). Note that 
this listener is *not* necessary for Spring's own beans support, just 
for third-party libraries like Quartz.



Von: im Auftrag von 
Reggie Chan
Gesendet: Do 30.12.2004 09:22
Betreff: Re: [Springframework-user] Out of memory exception

Thanks for quick help!

But i'm not using war to redeploy the webapp. Actually i just use
manager to stop/start or reload the webapp, and after several times,
OutOfMemoryException occurs.

Arto Pastinen wrote:

>I'm not sure about this, but i think tomcat leak some memory when you
>redeploy application by copy war top over earlier version. You can test
>it by trace memory usage and copy application over and over again..
>On Thu, 2004-12-30 at 10:12, Reggie Chan wrote:
>>Although i saw from google that the out of memory exception with spring
>>should have been fixed already, but i'm still frequently facing it with
>>tomcat after using spring.
>>Is there anyone else encountering same problem as mine that could help out?
>>Thanks in advance.

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