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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Splitting cocoon.xconf: done
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2004 08:13:05 GMT
way to go, mate!

just one question: from memory I recall the suggestion during the 
discussion for doing the automagical xconf/*.xconf include

I'm guessing this is not in there as of now?


Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just committed the new feature that allows cocoon.xconf to be split 
> into small parts. There is a new <include src=""/> statement that 
> includes either a roles file or a xconf file. A minimal sourceresolver 
> is setup at cocoon boot time that provides the "resource:" and 
> "context:" protocols to fetch files (relative files are equivalent to 
> "context:").
> This allow the main cocoon.xconf file to be a list of includes of the 
> main core components and block-provided xconf files, each including its 
> specific roles when needed.
> For this to be really useful, I refactored ECM++ so that a component 
> selector can be declared several times. Each block can then easily 
> provide its own source factories, input modules, taglibs, etc.
> The only remaining problem is XSP because some blocks provide 
> logicsheets that aren't handled by a selector and therefore require the 
> use of xpatch to inject the logicsheet declaration at the right place.
> This new feature allows to very easily activate/deactivate blocks (just 
> comment or remove the corresponding <include>) and add user-provided 
> components without having to mix them with the cocoon-provided ones. 
> This may also allow us to provide again binary distributions, which will 
> make it easier for newcomers.
> The include feature is also available in the sitemap, but more work is 
> needed there as labels and mime-types are ignored in included files.
> Enjoy,
> Sylvain

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