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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Remove current docs in trunk
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2004 07:55:19 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>I propose to remove the docs in trunk. I don't think they are syncronized 
>>with 2.1 and IMO there is no reasons to have them twice. It's also a chance 
>>to rewrite and restructure our documentation.
> Careful. They are *not* synchronised.

Thank you for checking this!

  We will lose edits that people
> have only made to the 2.2 docs and not made the same edits to the 2.1 docs.
> Or the changes are prehaps only relevant to cocoon-2.2
> I did a quick analysis ...
> diff -rq cocoon/src/documentation cocoon-2_1_X/src/documentation \
> | grep -v "\.svn" | wc -l
> ... only 47 files differ, so the job is not too big.
> There are some docs only in 2.1 and no new docs
> only in 2.2 trunk, so that aspect is fine.
> diff -r -b -x "\.svn" \
> cocoon/src/documentation cocoon-2_1_X/src/documentation \
> The main differences ...
> * Composable => Serviceable (2.2 has the changes)
> * Some other document changes need sync, e.g. image-reader.xml

I added another column "2.1-2.2 comparison" at the wiki page where document 
reviewer can describe the differences.

>>At you find a list of all 
>>documents in 2.1. Using this list we can move each document selectivly over 
>>to trunk.
>>If anybody objects I will remove the old docs in trunk on Sunday
> See above.

Ok. So I won't remove the docs for the first. Maybe somebody can build the 
2.2-docs as Nicola suggested (the skin that produces plain HTML) and put them on 
some public web space.

>>and set up the sekelton of new ones using Forrest 0.6.
> The Cocoon build system needs some work to enable that.
> There are issues with clashes of Ant target names, e.g. webapp
> and variable names, e.g. $version.
> Use the forrest_06_branch rather than the 0.6 release.
> There are some changes to help with the above issue.
> The other option is to use the current Forrest trunk.
> ... not sure what to recommend.
> Anyway, i will commit my changes so far to get forrest-0.6
> closer to working.

I'd rather avoid using a non-released Forrest version because this makes it 
easier for more users to join this documentation effort. Is a Forrest 0.6.1 
release, that contains all necessary changes, possible?

For now I can live without having the docs build integrated into the global 
Cocoon build.


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