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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, a Huge, Scary Beast?
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 22:49:53 GMT wrote:
>>I'm all for having the docs in Document-v.whatever, but I'm also not 
>>afraid to just start writing and organizing docs with MSWord or GVim.
>>IMO the docs have a few major areas that need to be addressed:
>>Intro: What is Cocoon, etc.
> I already wrote a proposal for this (see dev list)
>>Tutorials/General Documentation: Supersonic Tour.  How to 
>>build apps and 
>>publish with Cocoon
>>Reference Docs: API Docs, Component Reference, SVN repo, 
>>mailing lists, etc.
> I truly agree. Please please think of a place where the new set of docs can
> be started. I think documentation becomes less confusing if we can start
> over somewhere, preferably with a live-site so everyone can quickly see the
> status even if each page starts with "CONCEPT FOR NEW DOCS". 
> Steven proposed something a while ago with Daisy. The advantage here is that
> it can be reviewed before set to "publish" status.
> I really don't care in which form the docs are written, but starting over
> somewhere and evaluating the existing docs to be incorporated or not
> (including the wiki) would be less overwhelming. It would also be nice if
> the "evaluated" docs could be "deleted" from the existing site repository,
> so that no document is evaluated more than once or accidentally skipped.
> Maybe a new set of directories could be created where evaluated docs are
> put:
> - added (to new site)
> - deprecated 
> This way, when the original set of documents is put in either one of the
> directories, that part of the work is done.

let's start in trunk! remove the old docs (they are still in 2.1) and let's 
write new ones or selectivly copy old docs over.

I'd use Forrest 0.6 and html as doc format.


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