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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, a Huge, Scary Beast?
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 21:04:31 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> [snip]
>> this has to be cleared - our first step.
>> next step:
>> imo we should strip down Cocoon to a minimum:
> I was having this thought as well recently....
>>  - cocoon servlet env
>>  - basic pipeline components: fileGen, traxTrans, wildcMatcher,
>>    htmlSer, xmlSer, cachingPipe, noncachingPipe
>>  - flowscript
>>  - jxtemplate
>>  - cforms
> My ideas were simple.  Currently, (practically) every block is included 
> by default.  For ages, people ask how to build a minimal Cocoon.  IMO we 
> should give it to them by default.  Obviously, excluding all the blocks 
> by default won't result in a maximal, "demo" build of Cocoon.  This 
> could be worked around by including a couple sample 
> files.  Perhaps the default one could be minimal (The stuff you listed 
> above, basic components, FS, JXTG, etc..), and we can include a 
> in the repository.
> The problem about having a default "minimal" build is that we won't have 
> sample apps.  We need some good sample apps (perhaps built from the 
> Supersonic-Tour) up front that aren't buried.
>> everything else should be factored out to other places. based on this 
>> micro Cocoon we can start to write docs & beginner tutorials only for 
>> this *from the scratch* - every single existing doc should be 
>> evaluated, missing docs newly written.
> +10000.  Supersonic Tour should be the "premiere" tutorial for Cocoon. 
> Installation and building docs need to be completely overhauled.  It's 
> really hard to even just find the SVN repository URL, and the fact that 
> we aren't using CVS anymore.
> I'm all for having the docs in Document-v.whatever, but I'm also not 
> afraid to just start writing and organizing docs with MSWord or GVim.
> IMO the docs have a few major areas that need to be addressed:
> Intro: What is Cocoon, etc.
> Tutorials/General Documentation: Supersonic Tour.  How to build apps and 
> publish with Cocoon
> Reference Docs: API Docs, Component Reference, SVN repo, mailing lists, 
> etc.

as said in my previos mail: we *have to* reach a common understanding on what 
Cocoon *core* is.


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