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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, a Huge, Scary Beast?
Date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 20:53:34 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:


> this has to be cleared - our first step.
> next step:
> imo we should strip down Cocoon to a minimum:

I was having this thought as well recently....

>  - cocoon servlet env
>  - basic pipeline components: fileGen, traxTrans, wildcMatcher,
>    htmlSer, xmlSer, cachingPipe, noncachingPipe
>  - flowscript
>  - jxtemplate
>  - cforms

My ideas were simple.  Currently, (practically) every block is included 
by default.  For ages, people ask how to build a minimal Cocoon.  IMO we 
should give it to them by default.  Obviously, excluding all the blocks 
by default won't result in a maximal, "demo" build of Cocoon.  This 
could be worked around by including a couple sample 
files.  Perhaps the default one could be minimal (The stuff you listed 
above, basic components, FS, JXTG, etc..), and we can include a in the repository.

The problem about having a default "minimal" build is that we won't have 
sample apps.  We need some good sample apps (perhaps built from the 
Supersonic-Tour) up front that aren't buried.

> everything else should be factored out to other places. based on this 
> micro Cocoon we can start to write docs & beginner tutorials only for 
> this *from the scratch* - every single existing doc should be evaluated, 
> missing docs newly written.

+10000.  Supersonic Tour should be the "premiere" tutorial for Cocoon. 
Installation and building docs need to be completely overhauled.  It's 
really hard to even just find the SVN repository URL, and the fact that 
we aren't using CVS anymore.

I'm all for having the docs in Document-v.whatever, but I'm also not 
afraid to just start writing and organizing docs with MSWord or GVim.

IMO the docs have a few major areas that need to be addressed:

Intro: What is Cocoon, etc.
Tutorials/General Documentation: Supersonic Tour.  How to build apps and 
publish with Cocoon
Reference Docs: API Docs, Component Reference, SVN repo, mailing lists, etc.


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