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From Christian Stocker <>
Subject Re: Templating: experiments with Conal's html-to-xslt transform
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 21:14:12 GMT

On 11.12.2004 18:37 Uhr, Gregor J. Rothfuss wrote:
> Christian Stocker wrote:
>> As I mentioned before (to one of stefano's posts), we did something 
>> similar, but with the TAL syntax. We convert that to XSLT with XSLT 
>> and then do the actual transformation with XSLT. It's the same idea as 
>> yours. I like the approach, even though it's not complete yet (our 
>> implementation) and we could certainly add some of your ideas.
>> Here's the XSLT

>> and here's simplel template
>> I don't say, our approach is better than yours, I didn't build an 
>> opinion on that. But maybe we could join efforts in it. As it's a pure 
>> XSLT implementation, the programming language behind doesn't really 
>> matter.
> and to take this one step further, what would it take to make these 
> templates editable in BXE? being able to make layout changes inside the 
> lenya GUI, say, would rock.

The templates are XML, so in principle, no problem for BXE. If it's 
attribute driven, even less.

What would really rock is some templating-enhanced mode. Not sure, what 
that should include, but maybe some straightforward 
adding-template-attributes stuff or real-time transformation to see the 
actual result or Build-My-XPath wizards or whatever.

Btw, I didn't find the time to compare TAL with Conal's approach, but I 
should have some time tomorrow to do that and build an opinion on my own..


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