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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: JXTemplateGenerator
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 18:40:30 GMT
Christopher Oliver wrote:

> It's not personal, Bertrand. If someone does good work or makes a valid 
> point I will give them proper respect. If not, well, I'm not teaching 
> grade school and it's not my job to sugar coat it.

Really? Wasn't that you that disliked the way Pierpaolo and myself 
avoided the sugar coating when we criticized the FOM design?

Again, you fail to understand that what appears to be "pointless 
refactoring" for you might well be what turns a sandboxed one-man-show 
proposal into the official community-supported cocoon template system.

For this to happen, ego and code ownership must be set aside and all 
points of views respectfully debated, especially during brainstorming 
sessions as the one we are experiencing.

William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White, in their book "The Elements of 
Style" (New York, 1959) [page 70] write:

"No one can write decently who is distrustful of the reader's 
intelligence, or whose attitude is patronizing".

Let's face it: your code is dense as a neutron star and dense of 
comments and tests as the the outter space around one. Your respect/care 
for the complexity of the social dynamics that originate around it is 
close to zero.

The avalon project was taken over by people like you, that considered 
"consensus by friction" a better way to achieve progress and reduce the 
noisy babbage of social interaction with "inferior" talents.

Result: social entropy expansion that lead to thermal death.

Technical problems are way more trivial to solve than social ones. I 
personally feel sad for the dry world of those who consider the first 
more important than the second.

Given that the template system is the contract between skilled 
programmers and unskilled ones, social problems will have to be taken 
into consideration way more than technical ones.

Everybody here welcomes contributions, not matter how silly, not matter 
how technologically savvy, now matter how outrageous and no matter how 
sinful and ranting.

But respect for your peers is key.

Without that, any voice, no matter whose, becomes immediately silent, if 
not distracting and harmful.

And yes, I have committed this crime myself (and not only here) but it 
always brought me harm, cold and isolation.

A big price to pay for a little ego self-massaging.


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