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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: JXTemplateGenerator
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 23:57:20 GMT
> Le 10 déc. 04, à 17:29, Christopher Oliver a écrit : > ...The funniest 
> post of all was this > 
> <>.

> > > I mean, give me break. That is just plain silly....

Sorry for replying to you directly but I'm not subscribed to cocoon-dev.

> Can't swallow this one without reacting, sorry - wrong tone, and there 
> is a general consensus that JXTG needs refactoring, 

"General consensus" has turned out to be incorrect on many occasions.  
What I see is that some people, such as Stefano, are looking to build a 
better templating system while others are contemplating what appears to 
be pointless refactoring.

I did notice that Leszek identified a real problem with JXTG, namely not 
being able to pass parameters to macros called via jx:eval (and he seems 
motivated to fix it, so more power to him).

> I find it very unfair of you to pick on Tony specifically.

 From my experience (which is not restricted to Apache mailing lists) if 
you choose to post your opinions to a public mailing list, you need to 
be prepared to deal with the consequences.

> Any 3000-lines java source file *is* scary in my book, detailed 
> analysis would probably show that you code is indeed well structured, 
> but looking at it as it is now is scary for many people, myself included. 

OK, but the size of the source file has no effect on the behavior of the 
classes it contains. If someone wants to convert inner to external 
classes it is a trivial and mindless exercise.  In fact, I would hardly 
call it refactoring.  On the other hand the issues that Stefano raised 
bring up real problems that are not addressed by JXTG at all (nor any of 
the suggested alternatives).

> You've been quiet for a while, people are willing to take over to 
> ensure JXTG's future (because it's a great tool, we *are* thankful to 
> you for this), they're doing their best and we're starting to see good 
> things coming out of this. So please respect their work - as much as 
> we respect you and your work. 

It's not personal, Bertrand. If someone does good work or makes a valid 
point I will give them proper respect. If not, well, I'm not teaching 
grade school and it's not my job to sugar coat it.

> -Bertrand

- Chris

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