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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: JXTemplateGenerator
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:51:12 GMT
(I had originally done the "write the nasty email, then delete it and 
write it again" trick.  Let's see if it works:)

Christopher Oliver wrote:

> I recently took a look at this mailing list after I happened to talk to 
> Stefano in person (he was in LA) and noticed a _few_ posts about 
> refactoring JXTemplateGenerator.

You should show up a little more often... you know, be a little more 

> The funniest post of all was this 
> I mean, give me break. That is just plain silly.
> I never realized inner classes were so _scary_.  (The reason they are 
> there is that JXTemplateGenerator predates blocks and also that the 
> majority of those classes are unencapsulated "flyweight" objects that 
> are managed by the enclosing template processor class.) If you insist on 
> making them external classes please make sure they aren't public.

(Background: It's my part of personality to become easily insulted, 
and for some reason I was initially insulted by this, but I'm not any 
mroe.  This is what caused me to have to rewrite this email a couple 

I'll admit:  I am scared by that metric shitton of code.  I'm not 
afraid to say it, either; I'm an amateur when it comes to programming. 
  But there was something else that bugged me about all that code:

I wanted to make sure the JXTG didn't suffer from the dreaded "one man 
show" syndrome.  The nice thing is that I think because of the JXTG 
discussion, we've been able to avoid it.

I wanted to make sure more than just one person knew what was going on 
with the code.  Again, because of the JXTG refactoring that's 
happening, this is no longer true as well.

I wanted to make sure that we didn't end up tossing JXT in favor or 
something new.  The JXTG plays an essential role in the "power triad," 
and dumping it would not be a good thing.  JTXG is here to stay.

I appreciate you showing up for some disussion on the issues, and I'm 
sure much of the list appreciates it too.  However, IMNSHO, before *I* 
take you seriously, you're going to have drop the sarcastic tone of 
your messages and be willing cooperate.  Please realize that not 
everyone is a super programmer.

If you're willing to hang out and chill, by all means, please stick 
around for a bit. I'm sure that people are more than willing to listen 
if you have some input to the JXTG refactoring that's happening.

I can't speak for anyone else on the list, but a helpful and 
cooperative message will get you further with your cause, at least 
with me.



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