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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Major bug with cocoon views -- Using views not really possible
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:33:02 GMT
On 10.12.2004 15:13, Thomas Alexnat wrote:

> I also think, that this behaviour is a bug. To me it renders the usage 
> of the cocoon view concept absolutely useless. My major point is, that 
> is, that I cannot use the cocoon views to view my current matcher in 
> XML. If I try to do that, everytime I have a 'aggreate' or 'cocoon:/' 
> protocol in my pipeline, the XSL scrambles the content, because previous 
> matchers are also transformed. (see older mails from me)
> The only workaround I currently know, is to generate the XML content in 
> my own pipie -- not using views. This is not a feature to me, its more a 
> big bug.
> Where can I add this bug? Or to whom can I talk?

You are already talking to *us*, the Cocoon community. Though there are 
people who know more about the internals of Cocoon (sitemap, request 
processing) it is always a community thing and most of committers will 
read this list and so know about this issue. You might add it to 
bugzilla though so that it won't get forgotten. But there is no 
guarantee to get it fixed quickly.


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