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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: Continuation manager modes
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 14:51:23 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>> Users have been asking for backward compatibility (even though it's 
>> broken) so you can enable the old behaviour and get warnings in your 
>> log files. AFAIU some sites were relying on broken functionality too 
>> much and are quite hard to refactor.
> What's those users usecase? How do they reuse the continuation across 
> sitemaps? I have never had the need for this ...
I do not know more. As this is a patch that does not affect whole system 
much and can be easily removed by deleting 2 lines in code I applied it 
without asking.

>> I applied the patch to 2.1.x and trunk. I think it was a mistake to do 
>> it for trunk and I will remove it soon. WDYT?
> IMO we should deprecate this functionality in 2.1 (log WARNings) and 
> remove it in 2.2.
This is not a functionality. This is a bug. Allowing user to invoke a 
continuation in an improper context leads only to application errors. 
I'd better leave it in 2.1.x as it is now:
* Continuation lookup in a wrong context yields a WARNing so user can
   trace their errors.
* As the result you will get InvalidContinuationException. You can force
   the continuation manager to return a requested continuation by setting
   continuation-sharing-bug-compatible to true. Still you will have a
   WARNing in your log every time you do that.

I'll change the continuations manager in 2.2 today. There will be no way 
back to buggy behaviour.

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