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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: [RFC] JXTG Refactoring
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 11:00:00 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> Leszek and I have started refactoring JXTG, by breaking it up in its 
> subclasses. Later we will work on creating more detailed interfaces 
> between the different parts and all the other stuff that has been 
> discussed on the list.
> Now the question is: where should this work take place?
> For the refactoring aspect its better to work on JXTG in core (BTW what 
> is the correct terminology, before we refered to code not being in a 
> block as core but now ECM++ is placed in a directory named core).
> But considering that we are going to add stuff, and make it a framework 
> for further template experiments, it makes more sense to place it in a 
> block. Also our long time plan is to remove as much as possible from 
> core, AFAIU.
> So what I propose is that we do the refactoring in the template block. 
> And that we call the refactored JXTG something else to avoid collisions 
> with the original one, e.g. JXTemplateGenerator2 or 
> o.a.c.template.generator.JXTemplateGenerator.
o.a.c.template.generator.JXTemplateGenerator in template block it is.
I will commit it as is and commit small steps further.

> Quite a lot of them, but mainly in other areas then the ones you have 
> worked in. And I'm quite busy with other things the next few days so I 
> think it is better that you commit your stuff than that I block the 
> process.
> I would prefer to divede all the classes in some different directories 
> like environment for the code that connects to the "cocoon object", 
> expression for epression related functionality, tag for executable tags, 
> script for parsing, execution, basic xml event classes and interface for 
> executable tags. But there is no hurry with that we can do such things 
> later, you can commit it as is.
You are totally right. Right now it was just the simplest thing to do. 
It's still a little bit messy and will require lots of additional 

> I set up some basic testing stuff that I can commit as soon as you have 
> commited your stuff. I think creating a testing set for JXTG is an 
> important part of our futire work.
Expect a commit soon.

Leszek Gawron                            
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