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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: XML Serializers [was: XMLSerializer replaces tabs with &#9; ]
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 02:34:26 GMT
Micah Dubinko wrote:
> Stefan Pietschmann wrote:
>> The doctype is not set either as Micah already mentioned.
> It is set up to serialize a Doctype if it's present in the incoming 
> stream, but it doesn't read from the sitemap configuration to read 
> specific values for cases where the stream doesn't have DOCTYPE info. 
> Which leads to a few questions:
> 1) Is XSLT <output> the preferred way now to get a DOCTYPE on pipeline 
> results?

Not as far as i know. IIUC Cocoon does everthing via
the serializers.

These are new serializers that Pier made recently for
his app and donated back to Cocoon. I don't know
whether they are finished or just enough to get his
job done.

> 2) Would it make sense to have the new XML Serializer read configuration 
> parameters for doctype-public and doctype-system? (I note that it 
> already reads configuration for 'encoding', something else that can be 
> set via XSLT output)

I say yes. Implement them so that people can
just switch the name of their component and
directly use the same sitemap config.

> This might be a question for Pier, though I'll ask on the list first.

It is best to always ask on the list. Others
may know. If not then we can Cc Pier. Try to
keep discussions in the community.


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