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From Christian Stocker <>
Subject Re: [FYI] Cocoon clones
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 11:34:31 GMT

On 7.12.2004 12:22 Uhr, Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> I just found which is a Cocoon clone written in... C!
> Popoon, Papaan, xml-dtc... maybe we should create a page title "Cocoon 
> clones"?

Hehe, We (Popoon) are one of the offenders ;)

> Being cloned is somehow flattering as it shows that our ideas aren't 
> that bad, even if they seem to be years behind in terms of features...

Our idea was never to actually "clone" cocoon (but I don't mind naming 
it "Cocoon clone"), but to take the sitemap idea and implement that in 
PHP. So what we basically did was taking the sitemap syntax of cocoon, 
some ideas for generators/transformers/serializers and implemented that 
in PHP (Version 5, nowadays, since it has much better XML support). The 
cocoon sitemap has been proven working for a lot of people, therefore it 
made sense to us to build on that. The whole idea started by the way 
after hearing a talk by Giacomo Pati at OSCOM 1 back in 2002 ;)

There are a lot of features missing, of course (I'm very jealous to the 
whole continuation stuff, for example), and some components just don't 
make that much sense to port to PHP. But it works for us and has most of 
the features we need.

I really like to thank the cocoon community for the input you're 
continously giving to us. I hope, I can contribute some stuff/ideas back 
(I'm not that long subscribed to this mailinglist). Just don't ask me, 
why we didn't just take cocoon in the first place ;)


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