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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject [Templates] Summary and Voting aspects (was: [RT] Attribute Driven Templates)
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 10:18:44 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote: 

> Just a reminder; before you guys start implementing one or another 
> template language, could we have [VOTE] for one of the variants, have 
> [PROPOSAL], or at least [SUMMARY]? :) 

We are discussing several tasks:

1) Refactoring of JXTG so that that it becomes easier to support and so 
that some parts become reusable
2) Possibly designing a new version (2.0 maybe) of JXTG. Where some 
sugestions has been: removing formating and placing it in a separate 
layer, removing side effects, allowing (or forbiding ;) ) collections of 
externaly defined tags written in Java.
3) An attribute driven template language, mainly for simplifying for 
those using Dreamweaver and similar in their development, but there is 
also a hope that such a template language could be less verbose and 
easier to read.

My hope is that these three tasks can share most of the code and lead to 
some new strcitly defined contracts between parts. But that is something 
that we will see when the work continues.

I wrote some Wiki pages ( with 
some kind of overview, and liks to mail discussions. I also wikified my 
design proposals, so that they can evolve based on our discussions. 
Everyone is welcome in keeping them up to date and adding their comments 
or proposals.

Refactoring JXTG

For 1), the back compabillity preserving refactoring of JXTG. I cannot 
see any need for voting about this. Either it gains community support in 
terms of that people joins in design, implementation and testing, or it 
don't. And in that case we just remove it. Then if the new refactored 
implementation should replace the current one and get "oficial status", 
thats certainly something to vote about. Also if we develop some new 
interfaces e.g. for ELs or formaters that we feel that should be made 
part of core, it will also be something that should be handled by 
proposals and votes.

I can assure you that I have no urge to implement everything myself at 
all (as some of you might have noticed I enjoy design descussions and 
proposals more than implementing stuff ;) ), I will continue to strive 
for community involvment. And I will write a proposal about how to 
continue the refactoring as soon as I find time.

Next Generation JXTG

This is about how we should continue our development of the template 
language beyond JXTG 1.0. It is purely at the RT stage, no concrete 
design proposals yet. Later there might be proposals in form of 
documents or proof of concept implementations. But that is a later question.

Attribute Driven Templating

This is ongoing discussions. My hope is that we can design the template 
engine in such a way that the synatx handling part is plugable so that 
attribute and tag driven templates (JXTG) can coexist, (although not in 
the same document ;) ). But that is a technical quiestion IMO. Anyway, 
we need to discuss the consequences of dirrerent syntaxes a little bit 
more before implementing anything.



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