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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Attribute Driven Templates
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2004 17:54:57 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>>> I like this idea very much. It would be a shame if the quirks of
>>>> Dreamweaver should force everyone to use an awkward syntax.
>>> The attribute driven synatax is new to me so I don't know if I find 
>>> it awkward or not, I'll need to see some larger examples. Anyway, we 
>>> have a user community (and our own webbaps) to think about, we cannot 
>>> change dirrection at every whim. We must support JXTG for the 
>>> forseable future so I would prefer if we could allow both syntaxes.
>>> Now, it will be interesting to see how long time it will take before 
>>> someone explains that: this is FS we only need to support one syntax, 
>>> namely the obviously optimal one, and those who believe that they 
>>> need the other one are generally less knowing and doesn't understand 
>>> their own best ;)
>> I know you are looking at me :-) but interestingly enough, my FS alarm 
>> didn't go off.
> Your alarm might have been desensitized by our continuos stream of FS ;) 

no, well, FS is triggered when a solution is proposed for a problem that 
has not been mentioned but it makes sense from a "completeness" point of 
view. Here, things are different since all sort of problems and 
requirements were put on the table and in order to make everybody happy 
the compromise has to be rather flexible.

The problem I have is never how flexible (otherwise, cocoon wouldn't be 
here, right?) is "how more flexible than needed".

> Actually it would be boring if you were easy to predict.

Not only that, I would be useless. My only contributions to this project 
are basically to scream "FS!!!" once and a while :-)

>> I really think that it makes sense to have two different syntaxes, one 
>> that uses elements and another one that uses attributes.
> So do I.
>> Now, having them cohexist in the page smells like FS, though ;-)
> How did you know that I was going to propose that? 

ehm, I can spot people that design by constrain vs. those that design by 
symmetry. The second are the one I watch more closely because those are 
the one more likely to incurr in FS.

> And teling about my 
> idea about how to make the choice of tag language compiler and 
> implementation language triggered on each template tag is no idea any 
> more, I guess ;)

I should make T-shirts with YAGNI written on the front and on the back 
for some of you people ;-)


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