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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Formatting and Macros: A tangent on the template/taglib discussion
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2004 05:32:14 GMT
Roy G. Biv wrote:
> Here's where I'm at on templates.  Feel free to critique.


I have to admit there is interesting value in your "everything is a 
transformer" position. There are two things I dislike:

1) your pipelines are big and complex

  file -> xslt/stx -> template -> xslt/stx -> html


  template -> xslt/stx -> html

But it's true that your pipeline can be rewritten using a virtual 
generator, so

  template := file -> xslt/stx -> template-trans

so that the above pipeline can be the exact same, therefore it's not 
such a big problem.

2) at the end, the template is not a file, but the result of a pipeline 
fragment. In short, the template that DW designers will have to use is a 
pipeline view, not a file on a disk.

This means that in order to allow DW designers to edit their pages, you 
have to create a special section of the website, hopefully webdav 
enabled, so that they can open/edit/save those "virtual files"... also, 
you need the ability for your first transformation stage to be reversible.

I've tried the above a few times in the past and without much success I 
have to say.

In short, the need for people to use existing tools to edit the 
templates forces you to have them as files, which forces you to have the 
template system as a generator (unless, you can come up with some clever 
general purpose yet reversible transformation stage since I couldn't and 
convince people to use webdav-enabled URL spaces just to have their 
designers work on the templates).


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