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From "Roy G. Biv" <>
Subject Re: [RT] do me a favor, don't call them taglibs (TAL-like two-step templating?)
Date Sat, 04 Dec 2004 19:23:05 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

>> And it might make a big difference, from the users point of view, by 
>> making it possible to use a single tool for the whole presentation 
>> pipeline, and making presentation templates way easier than raw XSLT, 
>> which is a major stumbling block for many people.
>> We might want to make it work first, to see how much people like it. 
>> If they like it, I'm sure someone will find a way to make it fast, if 
>> needed.
> You're right no need to optimize until we know if it is needed. AFAICS 
> the only reasonable way of accessing the XML input is things like 
> XPath that in general need access to the complete XML-tree. And in 
> that case we can reuse XSLT processor technology if needed. Going for 
> something like STX-style access would be far to complecated for the 
> intended audience.

Why is STX considered more complex than XSLT?  Sure it doesn't have 
arbitrary source tree access, but the syntax is very similar to XSLT by 
design.  Instead of <xsl:template>, you have <stx:template>.  I still 
think that STX would act as an effective macro expansion mechanism 
instead of having macros in Java/SAX.

- Miles Elam

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