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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [CForms] widget mode (readonly, output, hidden, etc.) - offer to developers
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 13:00:39 GMT
Leonid Chumanov wrote:

> I know, that there are plans to make block CFORMS stable and there is 
> a gathering the information. I enough for a long time use this block 
> and me there are certain reasons which I would like to offer. 
> Beforehand I apologize, if I shall tell something already discussed. 
> Earlier I did not write and did not read this conference, I 
> participated only in the user conference.

What do you mean by "user conference"? Do you mean the Cocoon GetTogether?

> I think, it is necessary to make more flexible system of readwrite 
> modes in elements. In the my project I have made the following changes:
> Has entered new attribute of widget style “rwmode” (though it was 
> possible to use already existing type, but it is now used and as for 
> the task of a readwrite mode (hidden, output), and as for the type of 
> element (textarea, data))
> Possible values of rwmode:
> invisible - the element is inaccessible and is not shown (as though it 
> and is not present in general)
> hidden - the element is displayed by the hidden field (same as 
> type=hidden)
> output - the element is displayed by the text (same as output)
> output_hidden - simultaneously the element is displayed by the hidden 
> field and the element is displayed by the text
> readonly - the element is displayed by a field of editing, but with a 
> grey background and attribute only reading
> readwrite (default) - a usual element of editing

This list is partially implemented by a recent new feature, the "widget 
states". There are now getState/setState methods taking a WidgetState 

The currently available states are:
- active: what you call readwrite
- disabled: what you call readonly
- invisible: same as you.

The "output" state will be added as it corresponds to a real need, but 
I'm not sure about the "hidden" and the "output_hidden" states. Can you 
explain the use cases for these two states?


Sylvain Wallez                                  Anyware Technologies 
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