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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: review of sitemap component documentation
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 09:36:32 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> David Crossley a écrit :
>> Okay the initial coordination table is now ready.
> big big thanks for making this happen, it is an important step I think. 
> Hope to find time to help here.

You already are.

> Maybe a periodic nag email to here with the number of unreviewed entries 
> would be good?

The xdocs source for that doc is consistent and
has some xml comments. It could be parsed and grepped
with standard UNIX tools or could be processed with
an ant task and XSL.

I do want to use tools to help process the xml table.
For example, i have a 'sed' script to add a blank
column. Should i commit those somewhere?

> And/or a single bugzilla issue to keep track of the work 
> done on this table might be good?

Not sure what you mean there. I was expecting that
just the svn commit log messages would suffice.

However, i was wondering about using Bugzilla
to assist somehow. Perhaps have one bugzilla entry
per document, then have a parent issue that creates
a roadmap from the child issues.

Each issue would enable people to add patches or even
comments about that particular sitemap component.

> Did you document the process already, i.e. how do new entries come into 
> the table when someone adds a new component? (I have not reread the 
> whole thread so I might be missing something obvious, please bear with me).

Good questions. I do have a local work log
of the steps, so that i can repeat it later.

My inial goal was to set up a functional table manually,
then work on ways to automate its population and ways
to ensure that it stays synchronised.

I developed some basic UNIX shell scripts to scan the
code and xdocs. The output was manually reviewed
to weed out some cruft. After an initial automated load,
rows were added manually with copy-and-paste.

The next steps are in the To Do list at the bottom of
that coordination page. Let us take it steadily. It is
a long road.


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