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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [portal] Need for CachingPortletAdapter
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 14:32:20 GMT
ġURDINA Michal wrote:

>currently provided PortletAdapter does not offer caching ability for JSR168 portlets.
I really need caching for portlets and I wanted to implement this feature as new CachingPortletAdapter.
>Having looked at URICopletAdapter and CachingURICopletAdapter the caching implmentation
for coplets is pretty simple.
>CachingURICopletAdapter relies on these principles:
> - coplet content is XML 
> - coplet content it is cached/emited in the generator of portal generating pipeline 
> - links are cached untranslated and the link translation occurs in the transformer that
follows generator
>PortletAdapter relies on these principles:
> - portlet content is not XML (however it is often XHTML)
> - portlet content is emited in serializer of portal generating pipeline 
> - links are translated in the portlet generation and are part of portlet content
>Main issue I see in implementing CachingPortletAdapter is "link translation".
> 1.) links that are sent to browser are valid only for the next request
> 2.) translated links are part of generated content
> 3.) portlet content cannot be cached since its links will not be valid after next request
If you use PageLabels the above is not true.  Events are valid until 
they are regenerated on the next request to that page label.

>Has anyone been thinking about the caching of content for JSR168 portlets? I would be
happy if we could come to common solution that could be consequently implemented.
No, I haven't been thinking of it, but it seems like it would be a good 
thing. I'd welcome a proposal and/or code.


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