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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Orbeon vs Cocoon? - Live version available?
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 09:29:58 GMT
Le 17 déc. 04, à 10:13, a écrit :

I won't talk about the docs - we know ;-)

> ...What I do like as well, and this might be
> easier (as in quicker) to accomplish is the fact that they have live 
> samples
> on their website...

They were discussions a while ago that we might get a virtual machine 
on ASF infrastructure, but I haven't heard more.

If we had this it would be fairly easy to setup a live instance of 
Cocoon for the samples (including automatic daily cleanup, we can 
simply wipe out the thing every day and rebuild it from a cron job).

You're right that having live samples would be very helpful, if only 
because we could refer users to live URLs to see things working (and 
the corresponding source code),

It could be a good motivation to make the samples more self-describing, 
which IMO is the best way of explaining the details.

I've been playing with the openlaszlo samples yesterday night, being 
able to copy code into a web page and seeing the results immediately is 
an incredibly good way of learning (wouldn't be so easy with Cocoon 
apps but you get the idea I think).

> ...I know server hosting will be a problem, but maybe it's running 
> somewhere
> already which could be made available to "the world"?..

Problem is, the load (CPU and bandwidth) on such a server is hard to 
estimate, so people might be wary of giving space on a machine that's 
used for something else.

But if someone has a spare Linux machine somewhere (preferably Debian), 
or if this ASF virtual server things comes to life, I'd be happy to 
help setup and maintain this, assuming it would be considered a "best 
effort" and not a critical thing.


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