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Subject RE: Refactoring Cforms samples
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 14:44:16 GMT
> that's what we decided in gent - see 

Oops, didn't look at that before. OTOH it might be me, but I cannot figure
out where it says that Form.js v1 is decided on.

I know I've seen a discussion once on which version of Form.js does what,
but I cannot find it. Does anyone have some URLs?

> we should provide examples with all three possible ways:
> - generator
> - trasformer
> - jxmakro

Generator and transformer +1, but what's the difference with jxmacro? In my
opinion it's a kind of "subroutine" or "library" kind of functionality that
could be used with either a generator or a transformer. Or did I miss

Thinking about this, I think the samples should also be extended to clearly
show all kinds of features, like widget states, dynamic updates to widgets
or forms (along the lines of the dynamic repeater, the tasktree sample and
the dreamteam sample).

And maybe the form gui builder could be turned into a more wizard-like
application which finishes with the three files that are needed to build a
Cform page.

> > Finally, does the section on Cforms include references to other 
> > samples that use Cforms?
> > 
> > I could have a try at this, but before that I need to know which 
> > version of Form.js will be settled on.
> v1 +

Is this wiki page updated to reflect the latest state of implementation?

Bye, Helma

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