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Subject RE: Orbeon vs Cocoon? - Live version available?
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 09:13:30 GMT
Hi Bertrand,

I've looked at their site a few days ago and saw something mentioned about
their code being open source. Haven't looked at it further (yet).

I can't help but mention that the documentation on their website looks much
better and much more coherent than Cocoon. So this is a challenge: to get
our documentation up to speed. What I do like as well, and this might be
easier (as in quicker) to accomplish is the fact that they have live samples
on their website.
I often want to have a quick look at the samples, but since I've set up my
project along the YourCocoonProjectAnt16 instructions, my "distro" is as
lean as possible and lacking all samples. That would mean I need a second
build for the entire distribution.

It would be nice if there was a place where the latest release would be
running, so everyone could check it out. I know this requires cleaning up
the crap that some people think they should enter, but that might be done
through some simple scripts.

It would also give future users the change to have a look at Cocoon before
doing the actual download. And newbies can verify if they have done things
correctly because they can compare their own version with "THE" live

I know server hosting will be a problem, but maybe it's running somewhere
already which could be made available to "the world"?


Bye, Helma

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From: Bertrand Delacretaz [] 
Sent: Friday, 17 December, 2004 09:42
Subject: Re: Orbeon vs Cocoon?

Hi Helma,

> ...Has anyone of you looked at Orbeon (

There have been discussions here from time to time, search for OXF in 
the mailing lists archives.

I've talked to one of their head developers a while ago (hmm....two 
years I think, time flies ;-) and my impression was that they were 
trying to cover more or less the same needs than Cocoon, but from a 
"we're a commercial company" perspective, which IIUC they believed 
would be more likely to be accepted by Fortune 500 folks.

As we know, this is not the case, Fortune 500 companies prefer open 
source ;-)

Only half-kidding here. I don't know where Orbeon as a company stands 
now (and I wish them all the best, honest), but it seems like companies 
which have gone the open source route have been very happy in 2004. It 
is my case (as a micro-company of one ;-), and I'm certainly not alone 
given the kind of success stories that we heard at the GT2004.

Dunno what the OXF license is today, at the time it was closed. The Wayback
Machine helps if their website is down:*/


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