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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject FYI: weird javascript "function not found" problems with 2.1.5
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2004 14:30:18 GMT
I've had a weird case where javascript functions were found without 
problem, and "lost" after a logout/login of the user, as if the 
flowscript-calling sitemap had suddently lost track of them.

I'm documenting this here in case it rings bells for someone. I've seen 
this in a app, didn't test it with 2.1.6 as the app in question 
needs some changes for 2.1.6.

1.-User logs in, CForms-based editor form works

2. User logs out in another browser window, logs in again (login page 
uses sendPageAndWait but no CForms)

3. User tries to reload CForms-based editor form (via URL, *not* 
continuation), and gets a "javascript: function x_y_z() not found", 
where x_y_z is the function called by the sitemap for this editor page, 
which worked in 1.

Flowscript functions for the CForms-based editor page are called from 
the top-level application sitemap, other functions (login, logout) are 
called from subsitemaps. I noticed that the problem occurs right after 
the login page calls a continuation, via a matcher in the top-level 
application sitemap.

Moving the continuation matcher from the top-level sitemap down to the 
same sitemap which generates the login page seems to fix the problem.

Let me know if someone needs more detail, I haven identified the 
problem very precisely but it looks like a weird context thing.


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