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From "Ralph Goers" <>
Subject Re: [proposal] smaller root sitemap
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 19:05:55 GMT
While I agree that having a 40Kb sitemap is a bit much, I think you are
attacking the wrong problem.  If you look at the default sitemap (i.e. the
one built with the default properties), the first 700+ lines are
configuration and only the last 180 are pipeline definitions.  To be
honest, its never been clear to me why configuration of generators,
actions, etc. occurs in the sitemap as opposed to cocoon.xconf.

My main point is that the default sitemap doesn't contain a whole heck of
a lot in the way of pipelines.  IMO there isn't enough there to scare
anybody.  What is scary is the size of the configuration in the default
sitemap.  But frankly, I just set the properties for the blocks I want,
use Xpatch to remove the couple of pipelines that I don't want and then I
just use the default sitemap without actually looking at it.

Given that, what does moving it from the webapp directory to WEB-INF
actually accomplish?   You still need all those definitions to get the
sample site to run.  Where would they go?  And users who are used to
having them automatically configured might be a little upset if they
suddenly have to put them in their sitemaps.

Frankly, I'd rather see a cocoon.xconf in every directory that has a
sitemap.xmap. The sitemap would only have the pipelines.  Cocoon.xconf
would have the generators, actions, etc. + stuff that should be configured
only when a sitemap is entered for the first time.


Stefano Mazzocchi said:
> I think having a 40Kb sitemap for a just a few pipelines scares people
> way and makes the learning curve steeper.
> here is my proposal for Cocoon 2.2:
>   1) move the current webapp/sitemap.xmap into webapp/WEB-INF/sitemap.xmap
>   2) make the sitemaps inherit from that one instead than from root
>   3) obviously, in case webapp/WEB-INF/sitemap.xmap is missing, fall
> back into the root one (for back compatibility)
> The result is that you can have a sitemap as simple a single pipeline
> definition and it's much easier for people to just attack and modify
> without being scared away by the complexity of the whole thing.
> Thoughts?
> --
> Stefano.

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