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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject [rfc] commons fileupload replacement
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 08:17:25 GMT

I have provided a patch [1] that removes cocoon's multipart upload
parser with one based on commons-fileupload.

My approach breaks existing client code however, so Antonio suggested to
get a few more opinions before continueing.

1) Part, PartOnDisk, PartInMemory are not necessary anymore. They are
replaced by the FileItem interface of commons fileupload. It should be
doable to wrap the FileItems in a Part class as suggested by Reinhard
(with a slight change to the contract, see  [1] ) .

2) web.xml parameter "overwrite-uploads" is gone. Instead, we need a
parameter like "where-to-store-uploads" with values "disk" or "memory".
In addition to this (not included in the patch) commons-fileupload
offers a "threshold" for memory based storage, files larger than the
threshold will get written to disk anyway - we don't *have* to use this

3) There is no replacement for getHeaders() in

The nice thing to do would be to deprecate the Part classes, and wrap
the FileItem interface inside Part for 2.1.6. , remove Part in 2.1.7?

Or is 2.1.6 too soon for this?



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