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From Luigi Bai <>
Subject Re: [rfc] commons fileupload replacement
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 14:20:56 GMT

I'd like to point out that the Multipart support in Cocoon is one of the 
few things that isn't pluggable or replaceable. I'd like it to be possible 
to configure web.xml/CocoonServlet to take a class name that implements 
some MultipartParser interface, and keep Part as an interface (perhaps 
letting it evolve as different implementations are available).

Keeping the integration at the level of Interface means we don't run into 
the same kind of rigamarole that is going on with ECM etc.

By the way, I'm not clear on why Multipart support can't be implemented as 
an Action? If it's an Action, then it's clearly pluggable, and all this 
goes away. Why is it so early in the process, hard coded in CocoonServlet?

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Jorg Heymans wrote:

>> Is posible to add support for both at the same time? If this is possible,
>> then we can add it in 2.1.6 and deprecate the old approach.
> so you mean actually wrap a FileItem inside PartOnDisk and PartInMemory, 
> instead of creating our own FileItemPart subclassed from Part? Yes that would 
> work as well give or take a few bodges.
> Regards
> Jorg

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