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Subject RE: HTMLArea in tables
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:34:07 GMT

I modified the *-styling-*.xsl files to change the body/@onload call. They
were in the zip I sent you. 

Strangely enough I had it working flawlessly with a short page of my own,
both in IE and in Firefox, but when I later tested it in a long form (20+
widgets with one or more HTMLareas) in IE it worked for HTMLarea containing
text, but not for empty forms. :-(
In one occasion I even noticed that the HTMLarea appeared several seconds

Firefox was at least consistent (i.e. it works).

I'm sorry I don't have the time to extensively test various ideas posted on
the HTMLare forum:
- change the offsetleft and offsetwidth settings (con: this might not be
possible if your web layout wants it different)
- add an iframe in the HTML code, this should solve the timing problem (I
haven't yet figured out where exactly that should be put)
- set style:width=100% for the textarea. I've tried something similar and it
didn't work. Maybe it does in combination with my initfunction in

Re the modified forms styling files: As you can see it builds an
htmlarea_onload function that calls the initfunctions of each HTMLarea. What
I noticed when adding this function to body/@onload is that the XSL template
doesn't work as expected:

<xsl:template match="body">
	<xsl:attribute name="@onload">XXXX<xsl:value-of

Where XXX is forms_onload in the field-styling.xsl and htmlarea_onload in
the htmlarea-styling.xsl

Well, this doesn't work: the value of the attribute is replaced without the
previous version being inserted. For now I fixed it by simply adding the
"forms_onload" function in the htmlarea-styling.xsl as well.

Bye, Helma

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Reinhard Poetz [] 
> Sent: Thursday, 25 November 2004 17:29
> To:
> Cc:
> Subject: HTMLArea in tables
> Helma, Derek,
> Sorry, I got lost in the long thread about HTMLArea: Has 
> anybody of you found a 
> solution for the "HTMLArea in tables" problem?
> Everything else works well on my laptop:
>   - HTMLCleaningConvertor (based on NekoHTML and NekoDTD)
>   - two possibilites to configure HTMLArea in templates:
>     a)
>            <fi:styling type="htmlarea" rows="8" cols="50">
>              <conf>
>                conf.statusBar = false;
>                conf.sizeIncludesToolbar = false;
>                conf.fullPage = false;
>                conf.toolbar = [
>                  [ "bold", "italic", "separator",
>                    "subscript", "superscript", "separator",
>                    "insertorderedlist", "insertunorderedlist",
>                    "outdent", "indent", "separator",
>                    "inserthorizontalrule", "separator",
>                    "copy", "cut", "paste", "space", "undo", "redo",
>                    "separator", "showhelp"]
>                 ];
>              </conf>
>            </fi:styling>
>      b)
>            <fi:styling type="htmlarea" rows="8" cols="50">
>              <initFunction>myInit</initFunction>
>            </fi:styling>
>            --> myInit() function must be available at the client
>                e.g. by overriding forms-samples-styling.xsl
>   - org.apache.cocoon.xml.StringXMLizable (by Bruno) added
>   - improved examples
> I will commit (and port back to 2.1.7) after solving the 
> tables and the gump issues.
> -- 
> Reinhard

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