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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Question and Suggessions about forms block in 2.1.6
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 17:15:30 GMT
On 26.11.2004 14:00, Sylvain Wallez wrote:

>>> What you describe here comes again to an additional "output" state ...
>> and makes the output widget obsolete? We had this in mind since a long 
>> time ... e.g. at
> Mmmh... for sure that obsoletes the output _styling_.

Not the styling itself, but writing <fi:styling type="output"/> in the 
template. Or am I wrong? This hint is now added by the FormsTransformer, 
isn't it?

> The output widget is equivalent to <fd:field state="output"> with the 
> difference that an output can never be modified by the user, even by 
> changing its state to active.
> So the output widget still has some use cases IMO.

I don't see them. With user you mean CForms user, so a developer? A user 
of the web app can not change both at all.

And for the developer:
fd:output is just a subset of <fd:field state="output">, so all use 
cases can be done using the latter too. The remaining question is 
whether the output state allows more than the output widget does. Yes, 
it allows to change the state, but who does it? Whether a developer 
changes the field definition or the state in a flowscript - I don't see 
a difference. It's the same role 'developer' doing it or do you 
discriminate both?


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