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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [RT] function sources
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:36:56 GMT
Miles Elam wrote:

> On Nov 23, 2004, at 11:46 AM, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
>> Proposed URI syntax:
>>   script:myMethod(param1, param2, param3)
> Yes!  Much clearer, and it fits well with the existing schema.  Still 
> has an issue with escaping commas from the parameters if you're 
> passing values from the sitemap matcher.  Perhaps that could be seen 
> as a sane matcher parameter issue?

script:myMethod("{1}", "{2}");

That way you're covered. And right now, I think that's the only way to 
do it. But, you do get into comma/quote hell somewhat. Otherwise, you 
want sitemap variables to be available to the source that is resolving 
the URL, and I can't think immediately of how to do that.

Regards, Upayavira

> I'm still unclear on how to hook into flow from here.  Are the default 
> flow objects (cocoon, continuation, etc.) passed on script 
> initialization?  I would imagine so since the request and continuation 
> values by definition have to be unique for each client request.  So 
> where does this variable injection occur?  Behind the scenes in the 
> flow interpreter itself or further up the chain closer to the flow 
> function caller?
> - Miles Elam

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