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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Planning Cocoon's future
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:53:25 GMT

After releasing Cocoon 2.1.6 it's time to plan our future. A few month ago we
updated our roadmap in SVN. According to this we agreed that 2.2 is a
consolidated version of 2.1.

So what are the changes and what's their current status?
(based on xdocs/plan/roadmap.xml)

  - stable Cocoon Forms
    the status is summarizes by Sylvain[1]

  - move service manager into our code repository
    done my Carsten

  - Virtual Sitemap Components
    Vadim started with the implementation

  - inheritable views
    don't know the status (I think Carsten is/was working on it)

  - move to Subversion

  - migrate to official rhino_1.6

  - deprecate XSP
    to be done (needs an alternative)
    Daniel, are you working on a JXTG 2.0?

  - Cleaning up the caching/store mess
    don't know, does it work now as it should?

  - separate blocks from Core
    that's my job: I'm working on a block-builder and a block-deployer
    that will make this separation possible and will give us the chance
    of a smooth transition from our current monolytic system to a decentral
    blocks orientated system:

       * every block get's a descriptor containing all meta information like
         author, license, status, block references and library references
         --> should as close as possible to the needs of RealBlocks
       * enhance jars.xml to become a repository (only needs an id attribute
         for all entries so they can be references and looked up)
       * setup the new block centric build system parallel to the existing one
       * when everything works fine and a vote is passed,
         the old build system will be removed
       * move blocks into [svn]/cocoon/blocks --> blocks are independant units
         with their own lifecycle

  - reduce Cocoon core to a minimum
    to be done

  - versioning guide
    done for Ccooon core; needs enhancements because of the more
    independant blocks and their own lifecycles

  - rethink our distribution policy
    with the new block building system we can distribute Cocoon as binary again;
    we have to decide which blocks are part of an official Cocoon distribution

  - new documentation system
    consider the efforts on users list and restructure the docs;
    separation of blocks also requires splitting up the docs

Could people knowing more about those points give some feedback?
Anything else open for 2.2?

So let's talk about a schedule ...
Many things are already done. Open issues that may take longer are:

  - VirtualSitemapCompoents
  - stabelize cForms
  - new block building and deploying mechanism (+ transition see above)
  - docs
  - clean up

The first three tasks have to be done before we can release a contract-stable
Cocoon 2.2 beta1. I plan to have implemented deployer and builder by the end of
January. Then we could release a beta1 in February ;-)  Is this a realistic
timeframe for others, especially those who work on cForms (Sylvain, Tim) and
virtualComponents (Vadim)?

Cocoon 2.3
To make it short: I want Cocoon 2.3 be based on whiteboard/kernel. AFAIK the
implementation of kernel is stable and "only" needs to be merged with ECM.

Are there any reasons not to make Pier's kernel the official base of Cocoon 2.3? 
If not, Pier should have the "permission" to move its kernel into an offical 2.3 
directory in  our SVN whenever he thinks it's time for it. (... I prepare a vote 
after the discussion)

Cocoon 2.1
As being said, we expect further patch rleases (2.1.7 and 2.1.8), especially 
after cForms has become stable.

release date of 2.1.7 (with or without a stable cForms block): February 2005?

Thanks for reading!



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