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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Client side validation
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 17:37:35 GMT
[Moving a private email to dev@ as it's really where it should be discussed]

Luca Garulli wrote:

>my customer want a minimal client-side validation for same fields. We
>are using CForms and seems to be lack of this feature.
>I'd like to have a single place where to describe validation rules:
>the form definition. Anyone has implemented something like a
>client-side validation that use the form-definition rules?
>If not I can start to write it. I think that it's a common use case.

Yes, that's a common use case and we already talked about it but never 
got the time to implement it.

There are different kinds of client-side validation
- field presence for required fields
- datatype syntax : integer, date, taking the locale-dependent format 
into account
- additional validations.

The first item should be easy, and the second one can leverage the 
datatype information that is already present in a field's XML output 
(used e.g. to trigger the use of the calendar widget)

The third one is trickier, as some validation rules can be controlled on 
the client (e.g. range, regexp) whereas others can't. What we can do 
here is adding a generateSAXFragment to validation rules also, so that 
those rule that can be implemented on the client can produce an XML 
description that will be translated to JavaScript by the presentation 


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