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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Release and updating the website
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 07:50:22 GMT
Upayavira wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>>> I'll do that too, if I can get Forrest to work. Unfortunately the 
>>> above link doesn't entirely make sense.
>> Would you please explain that obscure comment.
>> Let us all help to fix the instructions then.
> Sorry, wasn't trying to be cryptic - I was referring to the wiki 
> instructions.

Sure. (Sorry i accidently snipped the Wiki URL.)
I meant that we need to work together to fix the
description. It is strange that no-one has raised
issues about this document in the past. I suppose
that those of us who have been updating the site
already know what to do.

> I have already started to update it, but want to 
> understand things a bit more before I do so. But, in the name of 
> openness, here's some of the stuff I've struggled with on this wiki page 
> so far:
> In part, I think it could do with more explanation as to why to do 
> things certain ways, e.g. 0.5 will give you strange artefacts on your 
> pages, whilst Cocoon's docs will need to be upgraded to work with 0.6. 
> In fact, it suggests using a "stable" forrest, such as 0.5. That could 
> imply that 0.6 is okay, which it isn't.

Yes. I added something earlier today to help with that.

> Also, it says run "build site". Not sure if there actually is a "site" 
> target though.

I think that it might be "build docs".

> Then, it makes no reference to the cocoon-site module, which actually 
> doesn't have a build process of its own, so you'll need to use Forrest 
> directly there, I suspect.

That is correct. Just do 'forrest' in the top-level of
the cocoon-site module. Be sure to set the FORREST_HOME
and PATH environemnt variables.

My guess is that this wiki page has not been updated
since we split the top-level docs out from the
version-specific docs, i.e. a long time ago.

> Also, when I did run Forrest, I really had to dig to find the generated 
> pages, whereas I would have expected them to have been generated "in 
> place", i.e. into the place from which I'd commit them directly to SVN.

We can change the location of where the documents
get generated via config.

> Then, the page says "copy jimi-1.0.jar into lib/core in Forrest. But 
> Forrest only has lib/endorsed and lib/optional.

Typo i think. I have it in lib/optional

> Those are some of the problems I had with the wiki page.
> I'll keep plugging on until I've got it working here, and will make sure 
> any lessons appear here and on the wiki.

Great. I will try to help.


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