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From Eric Bloch <>
Subject question about jar conflicts/java class loading conflicts
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 17:34:23 GMT
Hey there,

I'm a developer on another Java open source project and I've noticed 
that cocoon shares some similar problems with our project.

In particular, delployments of our webapp see a variety of different and 
sometimes _very_ difficult to understand class-loading conflicts in 
different servlet containers.

And we'd like to come to some real solution to avoid these in the 
future.  I'm wondering if cocoon developers have any good advice here.

FYI, we are actually considering re-building the java classes in *every* 
external jar we'd put in our web app's WEB-INF directory and 
name-spacing *every* external class with our namepsace, but this is 
costly in terms of maintenance  and is non-trivial with code that does 
reflection, etc...

We've also considered writing our own class-loader but we think this 
won't solve the problem (and could make it worse, in fact).

Any good advice?


ps... our project is described at

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