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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Attribute Rendering and CForms Convertors
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:04:54 GMT
Jonas Ekstedt wrote:

>On Wed, 2004-11-17 at 10:25 +0100, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>>I need to review your code a little bit more, then I'll commit the 
>>conversion block to the trunk (if no one protest), so that people can 
>>start to work on it.
>I made a few changes to the conversion block to make it easier to use
>with the template transformer that I wrote about yesterday:
>The new version is included in that download. If I remember correctly
>there were no major changes, only details.

>Cheers Jonas
>PS. What are the policies regarding adding large files to bugzilla. I
>have hesitated to add my new template transformer block as it is 0.5 Mb
>(needed to include some jars).
I don't know if we have any policies about large files, but I would 
recomend that you add the source code to Bugzilla and give a description 
about where the jars can be downloaded from. There is no identity 
controll in Bugzilla so making it a habit to put jars from Bugzilla into 
the svn would soner or later attract trojan horse makers.


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