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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Dynamic bookmars and portal's BookmarkAction
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 14:29:43 GMT
Hi all,

We had an interesting bug today: we use the portal's BookmarkAction with 
a "cocoon:" source, as bookmarks are the aggregation of a constant 
bookmark file and a project-specific one (this is a reuseable portal 
infrastructure + per-project customization).

The "cocoon:" source maps to a pipeline in a child sitemap of the one 
where the action is declared, and the result is that we enter an 
infinite loop, because the "cocoon:" is loaded within the action's 
parameterize() method when the sitemap is being built, and that again 
triggers the loading of the sitemap (a new instance since the previous 
one isn't yet active), which creates an instance of the action, calls 
its parameterize() method, etc, etc.

Now the funny thing is that it *used to work* in release, but no 
more in a recent update of the 2.1.x branch. And although I understand 
what happens now, I have hard times understanding why it did work before.

Any hint on this?

A way to solve this could be to defer loading of the bookmark source 
until the first call to act(), but we potentially then hit the problem 
of relative sources whose resolving dependends on the current sitemap, 
and not the place where the action is declared.

So the workaround I finally found is to add a "lazy-load" boolean 
parameter to the bookmark action which, if true, defers loading until 
the first call to act(). That way, the moment where loading occurs is 
under the developper's responsibility. Seems hacky but that's the only 
solution I found so far.

Any idea on a better solution?


Sylvain Wallez                                  Anyware Technologies 
{ XML, Java, Cocoon, OpenSource }*{ Training, Consulting, Projects }

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