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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject [URGENT] Fix status and sync branches before release
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 15:19:34 GMT
Hi guys,

There are some changes which claimed to be in 2.1 and actually not in 2.1, and 
changes which are in 2.1 but not in 2.2. Please review the list and help to 
reconcile discrpancies before a release:

--- cocoon-2.1.X\status.xml	2004-11-11 09:36:01.164552000 -0500
+++ cocoon-2.2.X\status.xml	2004-11-11 10:14:00.051430400 -0500
@@ -197,18 +197,185 @@
+ <release version="2.1.6" date="TBD">
     <action dev="VG" type="fix">
       Scratchpad block: Restored CastorTransformer support for context beans,
       restored bean lookup logic, fixed sample.
-   <action dev="SW" type="fix">
-     The CocoonBean now creates its own private logger hierarchy, thus avoiding to
-     pollute the CocoonServlet hierarchy when called in that context (e.g. when
-     generating a static site from a CMS)
-   </action>
     <action dev="GP" type="add">
       Added replacement for Excalibur Event package in
       org.apache.cocoon.components.thread and migrated most classes using their own
@@ -217,26 +384,10 @@
     <action dev="AG" type="update">
       Updated antlr to 2.7.4, db-ojb to 1.0.1
-   <action dev="TC" type="fix" fixes-bug="31297" due-to="Nikolaus Rath" 
-     Javaflow block: also support inherited methods
-   </action>
-   <action dev="TC" type="add">
-     Javaflow block: ported back parameter support from trunk
-   </action>
-   <action dev="SW" type="add">
-     CForms block: added widget states. All widgets can now have an "active" 
(default), "disabled" or "invisible"
-     state. Updated the stylesheets accordingly to use HTML's disabled inputs.
-   </action>
     <action dev="AG" type="fix" fixes-bug="29945" due-to="Christoph Gaffga" 
       Scratchpad block: BetwixtTransformer: removed deprecation warning with
       latest betwixt
-   <action dev="SW" type="fix" fixes-bug="25951">
-     Flowscript: enforce the explicit declaration of variables in the global
-     scope (attached to the session). This avoids the implicit declaration of
-     variables in the global scope when the 'var' keyword is missing, which
-     leads to weird bugs difficult to track down, especially with continuations.
-   </action>
     <action dev="ATC" type="update">
       Deprecated the PHP block since the PHP servlet the generator depends on
       never worked properly. Explicitly excluded the PHP block from
@@ -260,6 +411,9 @@
       Flow invocations (function calls or continuation invocations) should always
       result in a response. Flowscripts with no response are prohibited.
+   <action dev="CZ" type="add" due-to="Sascha-Matthias Kulawik" 
+     Authentication block: Add authenticator for JAAS.
+   </action>
     <action dev="CZ" type="add" due-to="Juergen Seitz" 
       Portal block: Apply batch for configuring the type handling in the Castor 
@@ -438,7 +592,7 @@
     <action dev="AG" type="update">
       Update ant to 1.6.2, commons-jxpath to 1.2, commons-beanutils to 1.7,
-     POI to 2.5.1-final-20040804, commons-httpclient to 2.0.1,
+     POI to 2.5.1-final-20040804, commons-httpclient to 2.0.1, nekohtml to 0.9.3,
       hsqldb to 1.7.2, jcs to 1.1-dev-20040811, quartz to 1.4.2, asm to 1.4.3,
       asm-util to 1.4.3 and groovy to 1.0-beta6
@@ -465,6 +619,16 @@
       AbstractMessageListener and AbstractMessagePublisher should be used as 
basis for
       custom publish/subscribe components.
+   <action dev="UH" type="add">
+     Still in the scratchpad area at the time of this writing, added a
+     CachedSource proxy subclass for Sources that implement TraversableSource and
+     InspectableSource (for instance WebDAVSource).
+   </action>
+   <action dev="UV" type="add">
+     Added a NekoHTMLGenerator to HTML block. This is a simpler HTML parser than
+     JTidy, which preserves more of the original HTML, primarily just balancing
+     closing tags.
+   </action>
     <action dev="TC" type="add" fixes-bug="29935" due-to="Leszek Gawron" 
       Added support for stripping root elements in the CIncludeTransformer.
@@ -510,6 +674,9 @@
     <action dev="AG" type="fix" fixes-bug="29369" due-to="Juan Jose Pablos">
       Move commons-logging-1.0.4.jar to lib/core as jcs.jar depends on it.
+   <action dev="AG" type="fix" fixes-bug="17924" due-to="Jorg Heymans">
+     Apply patch: Cached resources don't have Expires-Header.
+   </action>
     <action dev="AG" type="fix" fixes-bug="29752" due-to="Leszek Gawron">
       Apply patch: Caching JXTemplateGenerator.


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