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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Problem in session-fw / RequestContext
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 17:15:03 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Sylvain Wallez wrote: 
>>We just came across a very annoying problem in session-fw: 
>>the RequestContext class creates a DOM which represents the 
>>full contents of a request, translating all request 
>>attributes to XML elements having names.
>>Now when the session transformer is called by a flowscript, 
>>there's a request attribute whose name is "FOM JavaScript 
>>GLOBAL SCOPE/file://my/path/to/flow/script.js" which is 
>>obviously an invalid name for an XML element and leads to a 
>>nice DOMException :-(
>>I added a quick'n dirty workaround (just catch the exception) 
>>as we need it to work and have a tight schedule, but there 
>>are IMO two problems there:
>>- we cannot assume request nor session attributes names are 
>>valid XML element names,
>>- building a complete DOM representing the full request 
>>(headers, cookies, parameters, attributes, etc, etc) seems 
>>really overkill when most uses will just extract a single 
>>data. It makes me think to the old days of Cocoon 1. Using 
>>some lazy instanciation techniques would really speedup the 
>>thing and lower memory consumption.
>Yepp, definitly - I never found a good way of doing it, so if
>you or someone else is able to provide a good implementation,
>let's change it.
> ?

What do you think of the quick fix that consists in ignoring attributes 
that lead to an exception? Is it acceptable?


Sylvain Wallez                                  Anyware Technologies 
{ XML, Java, Cocoon, OpenSource }*{ Training, Consulting, Projects }

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