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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: [RT] Attribute Rendering and CForms Convertors
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 15:11:40 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:
> Joerg Heinicke wrote:
>> So your view is more data-driven? We had this in our first Cocoon 
>> project Lofex. We had an XML representing the data from the model and 
>> XSLT to transform it into HTML (but no configuration how to or what to 
>> display, just one XSLT per page). May I ask for more details on your 
>> approach. One possible problem I see for a 
>> all-and-everything-presentation layer is the decision "how much to put 
>> into one page", e.g. for mobile phones. Do you just not need this or 
>> how do you have it solved?
>> I'm interested in it because I write my diploma thesis exactly about 
>> this topic at the moment. I come to the conclusion that MVC more or 
>> less can not work - and especially templates! I switched back to a 
>> similar solution to the mentioned Lofex one (i.e. application-driven) 
>> but with a more sophisticated model than just the data of the 
>> application as it was for Lofex. It's build on the pattern 
>> "Presentation Abstraction Control" I read first about in German 
>> Javamagazin 09/2004.
> I doubt we would use the same XSLTs if our target was a different 
> device.  We would probably have a whole different set for mobile phones 
> because the stylesheets would probably have very little in common.. This 
> wouldn't be too big a problem for us.  Our main goal is not to have a 
> unique stylesheet for every site.
> Basically, we have a bunch of configuration data in an LDAP repository.  
> That data contains the configuration information for one site.  A 
> generator then converts that data into an XML document that is 
> aggregated together with our DTO data.  The stylesheets then use the 
> data from the model (the DTO) along with the configuration to figure out 
> how to layout the page and what the content should be.  This is a 
> simplified version of what happens, but hopefully you get the idea.

On which level does your configuration data (LDAP) describe your page? Let's say 
that you have a personDTO and you add a birthdate property. Whould this make it 
necessary to update all configurations that describe pages using the personDTO?


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