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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [GUMP@brutus]: Project cocoon-block-jms (in module cocoon) failed
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 00:01:04 GMT
I was going to work on this today but I got sidetracked.

Geoff Howard wrote:
> Can someone give some help figuring out what is wrong with gump for
> the JMS block?  The build snippet below appears to show a failure due
> to classpath (unresolved symbol) but the geronimo jms spec jar is in
> the classpath (also below) and the block actually does build using the
> build script.
> gump.xml has a dependency declared: <depend
> project="geronimo-spec-jms"/> but I can't see where that project is
> declared in our gump descriptor.  

it's not declared in our own gump descriptor, but it's a gump-wide thing 
(checkout the gump CVS module if you want to know more)

> I find it hard to believe the jms
> spec has changed, though I suppose this is possible.  The gump site
> appears to say that the geronimo-spec-jms project is a pseudo project,
> just a binary jar included, making this change even less likely.
> Any tips for tracking this down?

I really have no clue either.

Any gumpmeister with a clue?


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