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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [RT] Attribute Rendering and CForms Convertors
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 20:30:35 GMT
On 08.11.2004 14:10, Leszek Gawron wrote:

> Imagine you have a bunch of java.util.Calendar properties all around 
> your JavaBeans. Now in most of the views you want to render them 
> according to a specific pattern.
> Now there are some special cases when you want those dates to get 
> additional styling as long as the date value meets specific criteria so 
> there are two things that decide if the date should be additionaly 
> emphasized:
> - view template (some views may render the same property in plain 
> format, some  may want if emphasized)

That's pure presentation, no data involved. So put it into the view.

> - date value (only the values that meet some criteria are being pretty 
> printed)

That's dependent on data, so put a boolean property into the model 
(following Terrence Parr). In the view you can ask "if (meetsCriteria) { 
do emphasize }". A change on the criteria will result in changes to all 
views referencing the data.

Of course I see you add additional stuff to the model though it looks 
like presentation logic. But you still do not depend on the 
presentation. If a template asks for this property or not is not important.

> I know that this may bring inconsistency among views but as long as only 
> developer knows if the property should be styled or not there is no 
> other way.

Don't know if you mixed something in this sentence, but this is exactly 
a reason for the above: if only developers know if property should be 
styled or not let them put a boolean property into the model.

> I like Daniels comparison to a CSS class attribute.
> Something like ${bean.startDate} or <jx:out value="${bean.startDate}"/> 
> would use default renderer. Something like ${bean.startDate?class=emph} 
> <jx:out value="${bean.startDate}" styling="emph"/> would point that 
> other convertor is needed.
> If you need your view to be reusable you can do it and choose 
> convertors. The only thing is that your convertor should generate some 
> markup that will be transformed later and not HTML/WML or anything 
> specific.

I like it too. Nothing of Parr's arguments speak against it. You only 
must not depend on the data!


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