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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Switching rhino implementation
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 02:55:34 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:
> Is the new implementation compatible (from the user's perspective) with
> the old version?  If so, in my opinion you can just switch it now.  If
> changes will be required then a notice should go out with 2.1.6 in the
> release notes and the switch would occur in 2.1.7.

IIRC, there is an incompatibility - there is no "catch {}" construct in official 

> Ralph
> Reinhard Poetz said:
>>I'm going to integrate the new Rhino+cont implementation in the next few
>>and plan to support the old and the new implementation, at least in 2.1. I
>>wonder ...
>>1. What do we want to call the new implementation (I mean the language
>>    name in <map:flow language="???"/>).
>>   a.)  call the new implementation "javascript" and tell our users
>>        that if they have problems they can use "javascript-legacy"
>>        or some other alternative name for the old implementation?


>>        If so, shouldn't I wait for 2.1.6 and do the integration then?

Fine with me. Integration after 2.1.6 allows making 2.1.6 release sooner.

>>   b.)  keep "javascript" as the name of the old implementation and
>>        find a new name for the new implementation?
>>2. If we deprecate the old flowscript implementation in 2.1 - do we have
>>    keep it in 2.2 or can I remove it?

Remove it.

>>I would wait with switching to the new flowscript implementation until the
>>release of 2.1.6 Then we have a few months to test it in branch and trunk
>>and if
>>everything goes well I would deprecate the old one and rename it to
>>"javascript-legacy" and the new impl should be the default language.

I'd integrate new one and deprecate old one as soon as 2.1.6 is out.

>>In 2.2 I would remove the old implementation completly.




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