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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Getting a return value from a cocoon:// source
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2004 00:10:43 GMT
Hi Steven:

What about a Session Attribute? Is this a solution? Can you explain more
whta are you trying to do and maybe we can findanother solution. ;-)

Best regards,

Antonio Gallardo

Steve Krulewitz dijo:
> (I just sent this to the user list but Tim suggested I send it here as
> well)
> Hey all --
> I have a situation where I have a generator calling a cocoon:// source,
> and I would like to be able to return a value to the calling pipeline.
> My current solution is for the called pipeline to put this value into
> the returned xml, and I then have a transformer that just scans through
> the xml looking for that particular element.  However, this is very slow
> when there is a lot of xml returned.
> I've tried setting things into the request context from the called
> pipeline, but the caller can never read it.  Is there a trick to getting
> the caller's request context in the called pipeline?
> If all else fails, is ThreadLocal a possibility?
> thanks,
> -steve

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