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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Templating Engine - Next steps?
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 16:43:36 GMT
Le 1 nov. 04, à 17:30, Reinhard Poetz a écrit :

> After a lot of mails talking about expression languages and templating 
> enginges I try to summarize the current state of our discussion.  I 
> see following requirements so far (in brackets you find the name of 
> the person that brought up the requirement):..

Just to be clear: we're talking about the templating language used to 
generate XML out of (usually flowscript) data, right?

I'm asking (although I know ;-) because the requirements of a *final 
presentation" templating system might be fairly different - at present 
the mainstream way (AFAIK) is to use XSLT to generate HTML, WML or 
whatever, but for many people "templating" in the context of a webapp 
means roughly "edit pages with DreamWeaver, put some special codes and 
let the templating engine insert the data".

Maybe we should call JXTemplate our "XML templating engine" to avoid 
any confusion.

> ...So, how do we continue to meet all these requirements?
>  A.) Rewrite/refactor JXTemplate
>      - break it up in smaller, easier understandable/maintainable 
> pieces
>      - deprecate #{} syntax and make expression languages plugable as
>        Sylvain suggested
>      - investigate the performance problems (I guess there are only
>        problems if macros are used)
>      - add the missing things from above...

Sounds good if people are willing to do it.

Don't know enough about the other options, but I like this idea:

> ...In my opinion we should write JXTemplate 2.0 which would be from 
> the user's POV as similar as possible to 1.0.
> Technically this could be a complete rewrite (use garbage, tempo or 
> really from scratch) or at least a major refactoring...

It would be (of course) good to include automated tests as well, using 
anteater for example, as this is a critical component
> Calling it JXTemplate is better for marketing reasons because it shows 
> more stability than telling our user base that they should use 
> something completly different in the future. Calling it differently 
> gives another impression than incrementing version numbers.



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