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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Cocoon-2.1.X Tests Failure 11/12/04
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:34:31 GMT
Automated Cocoon Unit tests failed!

Full log file if this unit test run is available here:

Last messages from the log file:
Testcase: testSimple took 4.897 sec
Testcase: testCatch took 0.003 sec
Testcase: testFormFlow took 0.734 sec
Testcase: testAbstract took 0.002 sec
Testcase: testDelegate took 0.879 sec
Tests run: 3, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 1.615 sec
Tests run: 3, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 1.615 sec
------------- Standard Output ---------------
------------- ---------------- ---------------
Testcase: testSimpleContinuable took 1.091 sec
Testcase: testWrapperContinuable took 0.16 sec
Testcase: testExtendedContinuable took 0.082 sec

Created dir: /disk/raid0/home/vadim/svn/cocoon-2.1.X/build/cocoon-2.1.6-dev/test/report
Transform time: 48227ms
Unit report is at build/cocoon-2.1.6-dev/test/report/index.html

Last messages from the server console:
[Server@159e6e8]: [Thread[Thread-3,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) entered
[Server@159e6e8]: [Thread[Thread-3,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) exited
[Server@159e6e8]: Startup sequence initiated from main() method
[Server@159e6e8]: Loaded properties from [/disk/raid0/home/vadim/svn/cocoon-2.1.X/]
[Server@159e6e8]: Initiating startup sequence...
[Server@159e6e8]: Server socket opened successfully in 3 ms.
[Server@159e6e8]: Database [index=0, id=0, db=file:/disk/raid0/home/vadim/svn/cocoon-2.1.X/build/webapp/WEB-INF/db/cocoondb,
alias=] opened sucessfully in 1380 ms.
[Server@159e6e8]: Startup sequence completed in 1435 ms.
[Server@159e6e8]: 2004-11-12 01:28:43.832 HSQLDB server 1.7.2 is online
[Server@159e6e8]: To close normally, connect and execute SHUTDOWN SQL
[Server@159e6e8]: From command line, use [Ctrl]+[C] to abort abruptly
- The database 'db' root directory has been set to /disk/raid0/home/vadim/svn/cocoon-2.1.X/build/webapp/WEB-INF/db.
Keep in mind that if a war upgrade will take place the database will be lost.
- Database points to /disk/raid0/home/vadim/svn/cocoon-2.1.X/build/webapp/WEB-INF/db
- [main] '/db/system/SysSymbols' Set object system_SysConfig
- [main] '/db/system/SysConfig' Set document database.xml
- [main] '/db/system/SysSymbols' Set object meta_Metas
- [main] '/db/system/SysSymbols' Set object meta_Metas_system_SysConfig
- Database 'db' successfully opened
- Xindice server successfully started
- VM shutting down with the disk store for cocoon-ehcache-1 still active. The disk store is
persistent. Calling dispose...
- Database 'db' successfully closed
- Scheduler Cocoon_$_Fri_Nov_12_01:28:41_PST_2004 paused.
- Scheduler Cocoon_$_Fri_Nov_12_01:28:41_PST_2004 shutting down.
- Scheduler Cocoon_$_Fri_Nov_12_01:28:41_PST_2004 paused.
- Scheduler Cocoon_$_Fri_Nov_12_01:28:41_PST_2004 shutdown complete.

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